Quality Policy

Conformity Assessment and Certification of Management Systems, Products, Services and Processes, is conducted according to standardised requirements and should always satisfy the Applicant needs, and the principles of Impartiality and Accuracy. Reliability and Quality of Service delivered is the main priority for us.

Inspections and Audits, are implemented and conducted according to standardised requirements, and should always satisfy the Applicant needs.

Personnel Qualification Services, are planned and provided as of excellent responsiveness and reliability, and in-dependency is guaranteed throughout all steeps of the Personnel Qualification process.

Personnel Certification Services, related to particular professions, are executed according to International Standards and the existing National or International legal framework, demonstrating In-dependency, Impartiality and Integrity, towards the candidates to be certified.

Swiss Approval divulges and facilitates the transmission of knowledge and know how, in order to adequately meet its purposes and operational activities, by collecting and elaborating information and data, deriving from National and International publications concerning the development of the above activities.

Swiss Approval is in direct contact and cooperates with National, European and International Organisations, attending related publications, where research results will be announced, scientific papers and congresses, as well as any other related bibliography would be published. The resources involved in the process of services’ provision are at the highest standards of quality, professionalism and reliability.

Impartiality is the most critical principle towards reliability of the Swiss Approval Certification Services.

The executive management of «Swiss Approval International» will provide all efforts and will take all necessary and appropriate measures in order to effectively manage potential conflict of interest, and to ensure the objectivity of the conducted certification activities.

Swiss Approval International applies throughout its network, the essential policies and appropriate procedures as to effectively handle the risks associated with providing competent, consistent and impartial certification and inspection services.

“Integrity”, “High value services” and “Customers satisfaction”, of all provided services, are defined as prime priorities of «Swiss Approval International» Inspection & Certification Body.

Confidentiality, Reliability, Responsiveness and Empathy by all employees, including Auditors, Inspectors, Examiners, Assessors and Certification personnel, is assured at the highest level of efficiency.

Impartiality, In-dependency, Non Discriminatory conditions, Transparency and Publicity featured within any activity or decision taken by the Certification Body Personnel.


Processes Corporate General Manager