Swiss Approval International offers Wire Ropes inspection and Certification services, for RopeWays & Industrial Lifting & People Lifting equipment. 

Our conventional System, is usually able to perform tests on wire ropes up to 20mm in diameter, and from 20mm up to 40 mm in diameter.

For larger Diameters for Naval and Offshore Sector, we can also offer inspection services with additional tools, specifically designed for wire rope diameters from 40 to 80mm or higher. 

The ordinary System, the so called Detector, with Weight approx. of 17.5 kg, allows the measurement of the LF Signal (Localized Fault), which is an objective identification of broken wires (internal and/or external). The main characteristics of the services delivered through our devices are:

  • Digitally acquired LF Signal
  • Extreme lightness (due to the FEM optimization of the magnetic structure) able to be used in mobile configuration;
  • Rope Centering System (wheel mechanical guiding system) that allows big improvements both in signal quality than in friction reduction in the internal device bushings;
  • Presence of an Encoder system for defect localisation


The Data ACQUISITION SYSTEM, coupled with the Detector, consists of:

  • Personal computer;
  • Acquisition board;
  • Dedicated Software (ROPE L&R Monitor 1.11) for real time monitoring, storing, post-processing and reporting of the LF signals.

The ROPE device allows a safe, reliable and objective control of the rope integrity, by highlighting the presence of internal and external broken wires, wear and corrosion, in according to the UNI ISO 4309 standard.

The devices are certified in according to the EN 12927-8 regulation.
The detector with Max speed: 8 m/s, is wired connected to a record unit, that allows to acquire, show and store the data in order to give to the operator a complete management of the signals.


Internal Breaks Signal

internal breaks



Wire Ropes Comparition Diagram, in one Year Inspection Period.

Year comparition







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