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BLUE SERVICE Hotels Certification for Emergency Guest's Health Safety - HSTAR 1
HOTELS Certification for Health Tourists Management - BLUE SERVICE FOR EXCELLENCE - HSTAR 2



«Blue Service» HSTAR I certification

Customers’ Health and Safety certification for Hospitality Industry, Hotels, Tourists’ Clubs premises & Stadiums, Public Events’ Organizers, Festival premises

In December 2014, a New International Standard for Hospitality premises, massive gatherings’ organizers and hotels’ certification was published with copyright by Swiss Approval.

Tourism is one of the most important sectors of the world economy. Hotels are a significant part of the hospitality business and, therefore, healthcare assurance considerations have increasingly become integral to the success of a hotel enterprise.

Massive events of wide attendance, likewise, require dedicated first aid, medical, and other health-related services at a higher rate than usual baseline first aid services for public events.



HSTAR I- Blue Service certificate is a seal of trust for any hosting facility ensuring acute response to medical conditions and acute healthcare needs of its guests.

HSTAR I- «Blue Service» certification, is a worldwide exclusivity of Swiss Approval International, providing a «Safety Passport» to  the Hospitality sector in order to penetrate the International Tourism market.



«Blue Service for Excellence» HSTAR II certification

Hotels Certification for Health Tourists Hospitality

Certification of Hospitality services pertaining to Health/ Medical Tourists’ management is one of Swiss Approval International high end certification programs, published in January 2015. This specific set of criteria for hotels, has integrated quality standards, international best practice and safety principles for Medical Tourism Friendly Hotels (MTFH), the so called «Blue Service for Excellence» of Hotels.
This innovative worldwide Standard, is aiming at the effective and highly qualitative management of health and medical tourists in touristic accommodation premises.

HSTAR II- «Blue Service for Excellence» certification is a worldwide exclusivity of Swiss Approval International, providing a unique competitive advantage in Health Tourism market and a seal of trust in the niche segment of Medical Tourism.

 HSTAR II increase RELIABILITY and TRUST in hospitality services, that they:

  • Effectively Serve sensitive guests with chronic diseases, ensuring functional conditions for guests with regular health needs or increased safety concerns
  • Safely accommodate Medical Tourists and/or International Patients at their premises.




HSTAR - Hotels Classification

Since 2007, our experts have implemented the new classification system for Hotels and Pensions - Rooms to let, on behalf of National Authorities and a strong experience has been acquired in terms of hospitality premises’ classification, aiming at an international qualification and approval, related to the level of services delivered by Hospitality enterprises.

Swiss Approval classification and certification for Hospitality premises, is following the existing National, International or Clubs quality requirements systems, giving the Stamp of conformity and reliability for the hospitality services being delivered.




Hotels’ Star classification by Swiss Approval International, guarantees transparent, objective and qualified assessment of the Hospitality sector and undisputable positioning of the hotels’ services.



Sustainability Concept and Thinking Green in Tourism Industry

As the tourism industry continues to grow at a rapid scale, its multifaceted relationship with the environment and host communities is becoming increasingly evident. Although consumer awareness is rising, there is a lack of understanding of what sustainable tourism means.

Swiss Approval International brings on the certification table the New Approach for Tourism Industry, in order to contribute to the clarity regarding ambiguity surrounding the potential threats that tourism can have on the environment, culture and residents of tourist destinations, as well as exploring and encouraging the many opportunities to have a positive impact, by addressing issues like poverty alleviation and cultural and natural preservation.

Travel is an imperative part of our society and has the potential to create positive transformations in the communities and destinations that people visit. Tourism stimulates the local economy by generating jobs, incentivizing local production and bringing in consumers and volunteers.

However, this progression can only be possible in the future with the support of Sustainable Tourism. As the travel industry continues to grow, current travel practices are beginning to create negative impacts on the environment and local communities. It is our obligation to strength all efforts to foster sustainable tourism by developing the resources and training needed to encourage sustainable practices. In turn, this creates a demand for sustainable products and services contributing in an alternative way of social and economical development.