BLUE SERVICE Hotels Certification for Emergency Guest’s Health Safety – HSTAR 1

HSTAR I- Blue Service certificate is a seal of trust for any hosting facility ensuring immediate response to acute medical conditions and health incidents regarding guests health safety.

Hotels are a significant part of the hospitality business and therefore healthcare assurance considerations have increasingly become integral to the success of a hotel enterprise. Medical problems and health incidents that may occur vary between simple acute problems to complicated and life threatening conditions. Hotels and accommodation premises undertake significant responsibility being the first line of providing solutions and effective management in such conditions.

HSTAR I- BLUE SERVICE certification is based on a list of criteria which should be proven to be met through documented evidence that is being submitted by the applying enterprise.

For enterprises of more than 1.000 guests’ capacity an on- site audit visit takes place, in addition to the provided documents identification and evaluation process.

Application for Certification

The interested Hotel applies electronically to Swiss Approval Offers department, and subsequently it will be given to the Hotel Management the rights to download the Standard. Once the Hotel Management has the Standard then can be prepared for certification, as will be informed in details about the Standard requirements and conformity assessment criteria.

An economical offer will follow the Standard delivery and download.

Prerequisites for Certification

The «Enterprise» which applies for the «H STAR I» qualification and certification, according to the current Requirements Framework, should primarily fulfil the following pre-requisites:

A. It operates as a legally licensed Hospitality «Enterprise» / «Provider» / «Organization» / «Institution», in the country of establishment, according to the existing valid national, legal, and regulatory framework.

B. In case of Hotel, «4» Stars minimum quality for hospitality service level, should be guaranteed by the «Hospitality Enterprise».

Preparation Stage

The preparation process for certification is rather easy. A detailed check list will be forwarded to the Hotel Management and in combination with the Standard, the quality assurance department or other equivalent, should follow the mentioned HSTAR 1 Standard requirements and satisfy the essential check points. Related documentation should be available to supporting the realization and accomplishment of the requested actions.

The main Best Practices and International guidelines’ implemented are targeted to:

  • Safety assurance in hotel premises
  • Effective management of emergency health incidents of healthy tourists
  • Comfort and reasonable duty of care of the guests and visitors is an inherent responsibility,
  • Protection of the hotel’s Brand and Reputation regarding their guests’ life safeguard, accomplished in a competent and professional manner.

After completion of all activities needed, everything in terms of documentation and related evidence, should be submitted to Swiss Approval Certification Department, according to the related instructions.

For, hospitality facilities with a capacity of more than 1.000 guests, a scheduled onsite audit visit should be conducted by Swiss Approval quality experts, following the documents’ submission.

Certification Decision

The Certification Manager will evaluate all related documentation and evidence (as well as the auditors’ report), and decide independently, for the certification or decline.