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2018-2020 ENDURUS Research Project

This deliverable is aimed at determining the types of missions and the requirements the ENDURUNS hybrid AUV glider and USV will need to meet. More specifically, the novel hybrid AUV glider should be highly modular, enabling it to operate under different operational parameters, depths, conditions and sensor payloads.

Initially, the deliverable examines the state of the art on seabed survey, focusing specifically on: the most commonly installed instruments (Sensors for Underwater Autonomous Vehicles), AUV applications in seabed surveys as well as Multi-scale Surveying Approaches.

The next section is aimed at eliciting the requirements the ENDURUNS AUV and USV need to satisfy. The ENDURUNS vehicles should be used within different application contexts where complex missions should be performed. Therefore, general mission requirements as well as specific USV and UAV user requirements are specified in this deliverable.

Finally, the deliverable specifies the details on the actual missions:

  • a detailed description of the seabed survey mission which will be carried out along the South Adriatic basin (Bari and Monopoli canyons)
  • a detailed description of the infrastructure inspection mission which will be carried out in the Baltic sea in two sites close to the city of Klaipeda (Port site and Forest site)
  • an alternative mission in the Venice Lagoon

2000 – 2016 EU / UK Research and Development Projects

The following Large-Scale collaborative Projects have been carried out recently, by an experienced Team of Engineers and Scientists, under the different legal structures of Feldman Enterprises Ltd., Krestos Ltd., etc.

These same people, intellectual property owners of the following Projects content, are since December 2017 an organic part of Swiss Approval Network, bringing the Know-How and Specific Knowledge gained through those projects, which is now officially embedded into SWISS APPROVAL Research & Development Sector.

  1. PC-CONMON BE-7405, “The development of a PC-based artificial intelligence system for the diagnosis and prognosis of machine condition using acoustic emission and acceleration monitoring”, EU CORDIS FP3 Brite Euram 2 Project, Contract No. BRE2-CT94-0949, from 01 Jul. 1994 to 30 Sep. 1997, total Project Budget 3.2MEUR
  2. RECIP-AE BE96-3491, “The monitoring of reciprocating plant and machinery for improved efficiency and reduced breakdown”, EU CORDIS FP4 Brite Euram 3 Project, Contract No. BRPR-CT96-0225, from 01 Jan. 1997 to 30 Jun. 2000, total Project Budget 3MEUR
  3. AE-WATT GRD2-2001-50014, “Marine Power Plant Management and Monitoring using Acoustic Emission”, EU CORDIS FP5 GROWTH Project, Contract No. G3RD-CT-2002-00786, from 01 Jun. 2002 to 31 Aug. 2005, as major Subcontractor, total Project Budget 2.78MEUR
  4. SAFERAIL Grant Agreement No 218674, “Development of Novel Inspection Systems for Railway Wheelsets” EU CORDIS FP7–SST–2007-RTD-1 SUSTAINABLE SURFACE TRANSPORT, 01 Oct. 2008 to 30 Sep. 2011, Total Project Budget 4.42MEUR.
  5. INTERAIL Proposal No 234040, “Development of a Novel Integrated Inspection System for the Accurate Evaluation of the Structural Integrity of Rail Tracks”, EU CORDIS FP7-SST-2008-RTD-1, SUSTAINABLE SURFACE TRANSPORT, Commencing on 01 Oct. 2009 to 30 Sep. 2012, Total Project Budget 4.83MEUR
  6. NIMO, “Development and Demonstration of a Novel Integrated Condition Monitoring System for Wind Turbines”, CORDIS, FP7- ENERGY-2008-TREN-1, Project No. 239462, 1st Oct. 2009 and run to 30 Sep. 2012, Total Project Budget 5.88MEUR.
  7. WI-HEALTH, “A wireless network with autonomously powered and active long range acoustic nodes for total structural health monitoring of bridges”, CORDIS, FP7-SME-2011, Project No. 283283, From 01 Oct 2011 to 30 Sep. 2013, Total project Budget 1.49MEUR.
  8. INTELWIND, “Development of an intelligent condition monitoring system for application on critical rotating components of industrial-scale wind turbines” , CORDIS, FP7-SME-2011, Project No. 283277, From 01 Oct 2011 to 30 Sep. 2013, Total project Budget 1.38MEUR.
  9. COMORAIL “An integrated wayside condition monitoring for axle bearings”, TSB 16870 – 125187, Total Budget GBP 392,695, from 1st July 2012 to 30th June 2013.
  10. MAXBE “Development of a cost-efficient intelligent condition monitoring system for train axle bearings” Pr. No. 312448, CORDIS FP7-SST-2012-RTD-1, SUSTAINABLE SURFACE TRANSPORT, from 1st Nov. 2012 to 31 Oct. 2015. Total Project Budget EUR 5M.
  11. OPTIMUS “Demonstration of methods and tools for the optimisation of operational reliability of large-scale industrial wind turbines”, Pr. No. 322430, CORDIS FP7-ENERGY-2012-2, Total Project Budget EUR 5.65M. From 1 Aug. 13 to 31 Jul. 16.

SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL has specific affiliations with several Universities within the EU and the United Kingdom, as well as with Legal Entities with strong experience in Research and Development activities. Under this broad and deep network of Affiliate Companies / Universities, as well as SWISS APPROVAL Local Branches in the main International markets, today SWISS APPROVAL Group, represents a valuable Brand for Research & Development activities in many technological and market economy sectors.

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