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2018-2020 ENDURUS Research Project

This deliverable is aimed at determining the types of missions and the requirements the ENDURUNS hybrid AUV glider and USV will need to meet. More specifically, the novel hybrid AUV glider should be highly modular, enabling it to operate under different operational parameters, depths, conditions and sensor payloads.

Initially, the deliverable examines the state of the art on seabed survey, focusing specifically on: the most commonly installed instruments (Sensors for Underwater Autonomous Vehicles), AUV applications in seabed surveys as well as Multi-scale Surveying Approaches.

The next section is aimed at eliciting the requirements the ENDURUNS AUV and USV need to satisfy. The ENDURUNS vehicles should be used within different application contexts where complex missions should be performed. Therefore, general mission requirements as well as specific USV and UAV user requirements are specified in this deliverable.

Finally, the deliverable specifies the details on the actual missions:

  • a detailed description of the seabed survey mission which will be carried out along the South Adriatic basin (Bari and Monopoli canyons)
  • a detailed description of the infrastructure inspection mission which will be carried out in the Baltic sea in two sites close to the city of Klaipeda (Port site and Forest site)
  • an alternative mission in the Venice Lagoon

2000 – 2018 EU Research and Development Projects

The following collaborative Projects have been carried out recently, by an experienced Team of Engineers and Scientists, as well as Experts in Certification activities.

  1. Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung, has participated in the Erasmus+ European Projects “ArtS” [(2014-2018), 554288-EPP-1-2014-1-EL-EPPKA2-SSA, 554,393.70€]. The ArtS project designed and delivered a joint training programme to persons related to the Cultural and Creative Sector.
  2. “SAGRI” [2016-ongoing, 575898-EPP-12016-1-EL-EPPKA2-SSA, grant: 1,037,917.00€].  The SAGRI project advances the skills of European agricultural workers and agricultural extension staff.In both above mentioned projects, SWISS APPROVAL guided the consortium on the application of the EQAVET and EQF/ECVET principles, and undertook the certification procedure according to ISO 17014:2012 and the general requirements for bodies operating certification of persons, in the fields related to these two projects: artists and farmers respectively.

SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL has specific affiliations with several Universities within the EU and the United Kingdom, as well as with Legal Entities with strong experience in Research and Development activities.

Under this broad and deep network of Affiliate privet Companies and Academic Institutions, as well as SWISS APPROVAL Local Branches in the International market, today SWISS APPROVAL Group, represents a valuable Brand for Research & Development activities, in many technological and market economy sectors.

You can contact directly the SWISS APPROVAL Research & Development Department, at the following email: