Consumers Awareness Program

Consumer Awareness Program, by Swiss Approval International.

With an emphasis on “social volunteering” for consumer protection, we have developed a pioneering Corporate “Consumers Awareness Program”, through a voluntary contribution, towards the Global Market.

The program is addressed to Technical Staff and Scientists, employees in the field of industrial production and manufacturing, processing and services, as well as to unemployed Graduates and Scientists of all kinds, who have a special social and scientific interest in defending  consumer interests, from the use of products and services on a large scale.

The aim of this specialised Consumers Awareness action is, on the one hand, the contribution of Swiss Approval as an International Agency for Inspections, Certifications and Controls, to the global consumer protection,

and on the other hand, the development of all kinds of social partners or individuals, through the access of “volunteers” to technical information, free recognised theoretical training, gaining experience through practical training by participating in inspections, and generally training in the field of Industrial Inspections and  Certifications activities, aimed to ensure the “health and safety” of Consumers and the general public.

We invite the visitors of our website, to express interest in participating in the “social volunteering” program of the Swiss Approval Body, and to share the benefits of free technical information and education, expanding their knowledge and promoting  at the same time the concepts of product and service quality & health and safety of Consumers.

Profile of Volunteers

Scientists and Technical Staff, employed or unemployed, with interests in the fields of quality, environment, food safety, protection against covid-19 transmission during commercial and social transactions, safety of welds and steel structures, Industrial controls, pricing of Goods and Services, inspection and certification activities.

Volunteers contribution

  • Writing and publishing articles, scientific views and technical texts related to the subject of consumer protection, through quality assurance, certification, inspections and controls, pricing monitoring, as well as standardisation in various areas of human activity.
  • Swiss Approval representation in social-political forums and scientific conferences around the world, regarding the protection of consumers and the protection of their rights.

The articles and representations will be notified in advance to the Certification Body, prior to their publication, and will receive its technical and scientific approval, in order to be included in the Swiss Approval corporate social responsibility program.

Volunteer’s benefits

  • Promotion of the scientific identity and image of the volunteers, with the seal of the Swiss Approval International Inspection and Certification Body.
  • Participation in recognised Swiss Approval training seminars free of charge.
  • Access to the Swiss Approval technical information Network and data Bases, through technical standards libraries and more.
  • Participation as observers, in Inspections and Auditing activities of  Volunteers interest, for gaining practical experience.
  • Vocational guidance for unemployed Scientists and Technical Staff.
  • Letters of recommendation, for the promotion and support of their professional career.