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About Our Company

Swiss Approval International is already present in 12 Countries in 4 Continents, and principally active in South – East Europe, Middle East & North Africa, and the US.

Our target is the expansion of Swiss Approval International in Asia and South America, and, also, its establishment in new emerging markets.

With more than 250 professional Engineers as full time Employees, our company’s strategic goal and central focus is to establish solid partnerships and entrusted corporate relationships, the framework of which will be a continuous added value interaction resulting to benefits in the customer’s outcome.

This added value of Swiss Approval International services is based on both, acquisition of internationally recognised and highly trusted certificates, as well as on our investment in technology transfer, properly designed to ensure the continuous improvement of quality and services process, always responding to the customer’ s demands.

The cooperation framework and interaction with our customers, is gradually expanding into new areas and fields, since the unified Quality and Safety pathways become even more important for both parties. The outcome of 20 continuous years of our activity, since 1999, is that over 3000 large-scale and medium- scale/ small companies rely on us, and more than 5000 individuals requested our services in order to meet their needs.

Swiss Approval International Inspection and Certification Body

Inspection and Certification Services

Swiss Approval International Inspection and Certification Body, offers a wide range of Accredited Services, including the most relevant Standards, such ISO 17020 / 17021 / 17065 / 17024.

Our Services

Management Systems Certification

Swiss Approval Certification Network, is an ISO 17021 accredited Auditing Body. Auditing is defined as a systematic and independent examination of data, statements, records, operations and performances of an enterprise for a stated purpose.

Swiss Approval Auditors perceive and identify the propositions before examination, collect evidences, evaluate them on a standard matrix, and, eventually, formulate their judgement, which is communicated through the Audit Report to the Customer.

Industrial Inspection Services

Swiss Approval International is ISO 17020 accredited Inspection & Certification Body, authorised to execute Inspection of Industrial Production Processes, complex Constructions, as well as single Equipment, by highly experienced staff, as an independent Third Party Organisation, according to the requirements of applicable Brand, National or International Standards.

Inspection services results, are reported in appropriate documents in order to grant or not, the requested Compliance Certificate.

Advanced Non Destructive Techniques

We aim to act as a trustworthy and valuable partner, in the Evaluation and Appraisal of the Integrity and overall condition of complex structural systems and components. Our services are addressed but not limited to the following sectors

  • Oil, Gas & Power Generation Industry.
  • Marine and Offshore Facilities.
  • Civil Engineering structures.
  • Renewable Energy Industry.
  • Transport Industry.

Health Care certification Services

Health Care Certification Services is a strategic segment, for which SWISS APPROVAL International aims to be acting as the trustworthy and valuable partner with regards to quality assurance programs addressed to all Health care Providers.

Despite technological advances in healthcare, well-informed «consumers» of healthcare services (patients, health insurances, corporate Byers), are rather sceptical and lack of confidence in healthcare services, unless a  «seal of quality» is identified and awarded to the healthcare facility.

Personnel Certification

Swiss Approval is an Accredited ISO 17024 Body, for Qualification and Certification of Persons.

A wide range of professionals, from Welders, NDT Personnel, other technical skills, Health Care professionals, etc.., follows the Swiss Approval Qualification & Certification Schemes.

Notified Body Services - NoBo 2221

Notification is a Governmental Act, whereby an EU Member State informs the European Commission & all EU Member States, that a Certification Body, which fulfils the relevant requirements, has been designated to carry out conformity assessment according to an European Directive.

  • Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
  • Simple Pressure Vessels 2014/29/EU
  • Lifts Certification Directive 2014/33/EU
  • Construction Products EU 305/2011
  • Machinery EU Directive 2006/42 EC

Hospitality Certification Services

Certification of Hospitality services pertaining to Health/ Medical Tourists’ management is one of Swiss Approval International high end certification programs, published in January 2015.

This specific set of criteria for hotels, has integrated quality standards, international best practice and safety principles for Medical Tourism Friendly Hotels (MTFH), the so called «Blue Service for Excellence» of Hotels.

Laboratory Services

The harmonisation of technical legislation among European Countries in accordance to the current European Directives Framework, strongly demands guarantees for products’ safety and quality, either the production takes place within Europe or outside  EU, making products’ certification a ‘must’ for every producer / commercial mediator / importer of products, that is designated to be active within EU borders.

Swiss Approval logo is an approved Brand Name, well-known and indisputable passport in order to support Producers / Commercial mediators/ Importers of products, towards EU legislation regarding product Safety.

Commodity Inspection Services

Commodity and Marine Inspection Services, is a service Delivered by Swiss Lloyds, an affiliate Swiss Approval Company.

Swiss Approval offer specific services in Oil and Gas Industry, related to the Sea-Transport Crude Oil, Finished Products and Gas.

Marine Services are implemented with fully respecting the principles of:

  • Impartiality
  • Non Conflict of Interest
  • Independence

Swiss Approval Inspection Personnel has as primary task to protect the interest of the Owners / Clients, at any cost.

Why Choose Us

Reliability, consistent Engineering and Scientific Background of involved Inspectors and Auditors, Use of Advanced Technology, Flexibility, Pricing and Immediate Response on short notice requests, are some of the reasons to choose Swiss Approval Network.

Swiss Approval International, is a well prepared, innovated, Inspection & Certification structure.

With a wide range of Engineers, Welding Engineers, Researchers, Experts and Technical Reviewers, Swiss Approval is aiming to become a valuable Engineering Partner for any activity related to Inspection and Certification needs.

The adjacent photos are related to our testing equipment, from Swiss Approval laboratory / workshop.


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Swiss Approval International is a world leader in the field of Technical Inspection and Certification sector, incorporating experience, scientific expertise, innovation and technical know-how, principally in the area of South East Europe and Middle East.

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Vision and Management Philosophy

Swiss Approval International aspires to be an alternative and innovative solution in the fields of Inspection, Certification and Quality Approval, offering high level of assessment and certification services, combined with the prestige of Swiss culture, strongly connected to accuracy and impartiality.
Paolo Rossi, Director, Switzerland
Our vision is to homogenize quality cultures and conceptions in order to create premium quality networks consisted of those professionals who are dedicated to continuous improvement and quality control, with mutual interest and scopes. Transfer and diffusion of knowledge and specialization by our Inspectors and Auditors, is significant, especially to young professionals who are interested in quality services, whereas dissemination of quality and certification culture is continuously expanded and broadened through our projects’ experience exchange among various stake holders of certification services, worldwide. Customer’s commitment in quality is, furthermore, rather critical in such «experience exchange» throughout the certification and conformity assurance process.
Tzaferi Meleti, Business Development Manager, Chicago, USA
Swiss Approval Inspection and Certification network, is composed by Hi Qualified Inspectors and Auditors, acting consistently in the most difficult conditions on the field and construction sites all over Middle East and Gulf Countries.
Mahmoud Fawzy, Mechanical Engineer, Kuwait Regional Manager

Our Contacts

  • Headquarters: Via G. Corti 5, POLUS KOMPLEX, CH6828, Balerna, Switzerland
  • Phone: +41 (0)91 682 0540 / (0)91 682 92 92
  • E-mail:

Terms & Conditions: In accordance with the GDPR European Regulation, I accept the use of My Personal Information by Swiss Approval Network, for my briefing on the future Inspection and Auditing activities and programs or certifications, the company promotes in the context of the implementation of its Objects. The Non-Acceptance of the Applicant’s Personal Data use is also possible, but in this case you should contact the Swiss Approval Secretariat exclusively by phone.