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Laboratory Testing. Objectively Measured.

Furniture Laboratory

Advanced Non Destructive Techniques Laboratory


The harmonization of technical legislation among European Countries in accordance to the current European Directives Framework, strongly demands guarantees for products’ safety and quality, either the production takes place within Europe or outside  EU, making products’ certification a ‘must’ for every producer / commercial mediator / importer of products, that is designated to be active within EU borders.
Swiss Approval logo is an approved Brand Name, well-known and indisputable passport in order to support Producers / Commercial mediators/ Importers of products, towards EU legislation regarding product Safety, indicating that those products have been audited by our authorised Body before being placed in a European Union market, as far as their compliance with the applicable European Directives or Regulations, is concerned.


The CE mark is a critical indicator, which shows the compliance of a product to the European legislation, and becomes a passport to its free circulation and distribution to the European market. Not all products are covered in the requirement for CE marking, but only the product categories which are explicitly mentioned in the «New Approach» Directives or the «Technical Harmonisation Directives».

The GS Mark on the product means «Geprüg fte Sicherheit» / «Testing for Safety», and certifies that the product meets the requirements of the German legislation on safety, according to the relative regulations, trade unions requirements, DIN and EN standards, as well as to the generally accepted technical regulations.

Swiss Approval Group of Companies has the expertise and the necessary laboratory network to undertake the issuance of a «Certificate of Conformity CE», in the majority of products that are already available or going to be initially released into the market.

In our own facilities, Swiss Approval operates by his own personnel 2 separate laboratories, in order to cover Inspection and Certification market needs:

  • The FURNITURE Laboratory, and
  • The ADVANCED NDT Laboratory.



Swiss Approval International Laboratories Network, offers specific Product Testing and Certification according National, European and International Testing Standards and Norms, satisfying all legal requirements for free products’ circulation in Europe or US, and guarantees product safety and conformity, through independent testing, monitoring and surveillance in every phase, from the concept design to the final production and usage.