Third Party Inspection Services. Objectively True. Accredited 17020

Industrial Inspection

Pipe Lines Field Inspection. Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection Services. Field Inspection

Welding Inspection Services. Interpretation of Welds and Joints. Welders Certification.

Mill Inspection Services. Pipes inspection during construction.

Welders Approval and Certification.

Steel Structures Inspection. Third Party Inspection

Vehicles Inspection Services 

Lifting Equipment Inspection. Wire Ropes Magnetic Inspection.

Photo Voltaic Inspection and Certification

Safety @ Work

Golf Facilities Eco Label

Mystery Guest and Shopping

Construction Industry.

Independent TPI in Construction Industry

Existing Structures Reliability & Static Assessment

Vulnerability Risk Assessment of Buildings

Electromechanical Installations Third Party Inspections

Due Diligence, Appraisal and Evaluation

Swiss Approval International is ISO 17020 accredited Inspection & Certification Body, authorised to execute Inspection of Industrial Production Processes, complex Constructions, as well as single Equipment, by highly experienced staff, as an independent Third Party Organisation, according to the requirements of applicable Brand, National or International Standards.

Inspection services results, are reported in appropriate documents in order to grant or not, the requested Certificate.

Inspection services are based on the need to ensure compliance with requirements, and may include:

– Specification control

– Approval of the study

– Testing and certification of manufacturers and their subcontractors

– Approval of quality programs

– Inspection of materials and construction

– Issuance of Technical Inspection Reports

– Issuance of Inspection Release Notes

– Issuance of Final Inspection Certificates