Pipe Line Constructions – Third Party Inspection

Field Inspection During Pipe Line Constructions for Low /Medium & High Working Pressure.

Third Party Inspection

SWISS APPROVAL offers Industrial inspections as an Independent Third Party Organization [Third Party Inspection Body (TPI)] for Pipe Lines construction, destinated to operate in Low, Medium and High Pressure working conditions.

Inspection services are developed with Checks & Controls as well as Witness, during construction activities according the approved Inspection and Test Plan [ITP], which deals mainly with the following 24 topics:

  • Shop inspection of material & equipment including Mill Inspection of Pipes manufacturing.
  • Material Receipt – [Use of Positive Material Identification tools]
  • Material Traceability & Identification
  • Welding Procedure Qualification, WPS and WPQR. Review and Approval.
  • Welders’ Qualification
  • Equipment Calibration
  • ROW preparation
  • Field Bending
  • Pipe Stringing
  • Trenching
  • Welding (including repairs)
  • Production Weld Tests
  • Golden Welds of Pipe Line segments.
  • Field NDE of welds
  • Field Coating, verified by NDT
  • Pipe Lowering in (Inspection and Verification – Hold Point)
  • FOC Installation
  • Backfilling
  • Line cleaning (pigging activity)
  • Pressure Testing of Pipe Line integrity. [Use of Digital Manometers, for full Data registration and Reporting].
  • Flushing & Drying
  • Cathodic Protection measures
  • Painting activities Inspection
  • Documentation Review
  • Final (As BUILT) Inspection and Certification Report

Witness, Monitoring and Inspection of Pipe Line ITP’s activities, is one of the main services during Field Inspection service delivery. This is the base of regular Reporting including some times the issue of Non Confarmancy Reports [NCR], during project implementation and construction activities development.

SWISS APPROVAL has developed and qualified, his own well experienced NDT’s interpretation Personnel, including RI, PT, MT, VT and UT interpretation. We have also developed our own internal Ultrasonic Implementation and Interpretation Team, with use of specific NDT equipment, using advanced ultrasonic tools and technologies, such TOFD and Phased Array. Semi Automatic UT technologies, are mainly applied for specific purposes during a Pipe Line construction, like MR or simple Stations.

SWISS APPROVAL offers EN ISO 17020 Accredited services during Pipe – Line construction, according the following European and International Standards:

  • EN 10208
  • EN 10204
  • EN 1555
  • API 5L
  • API 5CT
  • DIN 2460
  • DIN 8074
  • DIN 30670
  • ASME B 31.3
  • ASME B 31.4
  • ASME B 31.8
  • AWWA C-200
  • AWWA C-201
  • AWWA C-205

Second Party Inspection Services, are also within the scope of services, for all Shop or Field activities, on behalf of the owner or EPC contractor.