Vulnerability Risk Assesment of Buildings

EQ-FAST inspection and classification of buildings


Swiss Approval introduces the innovative, exclusive and patented method EQ-Fast, based on the recommendations of Euro code 8, for measuring the seismic hazard in construction by conducting measurements of fundamental natural frequencies (resonance frequencies) of both the building and its territory.

It is an internationally patented tool of non-destructive instrumental assessment concerning the seismic risk of constructions and it is the most reliable method used to extract realistic rates of the damage likelihood. (Germany Patent No 1182301 (EU), 552368/02 (JP) and 10/362, 649(USA)). The assessment can be performed at two different evaluation levels, depending on the customer’s choice for accuracy, reliability, available time and cost.

A vulnerability assessment can be carried out at two different levels, depending on the scope and the accuracy required:

  • Level I, simple and quick (time requirement for assessment less than one hour per building), suitable for determining risk for a large number of buildings. Only general building data – such as the age and the type of building – is taken into account at this level.
  • Level II, detailed and more time-consuming (time requirement for assessment in the order of half a day per building). At this level, a number of measurements of the building’s properties (e.g. natural frequencies, building height, cross-sections of the shear walls, etc.) may also be required.


Taking into account the above data and the other discrepancies which are entered into the specific program interface, EQ-Fast Expert System, gives information about the mean damage ratio of buildings for different modified mercalli intensities and classifies buildings as:

  • A. Low risk,
  • B. Acceptable risk,
  • C. High risk),
  • D. Very high risk.

After calculations, a Report will be presented to Clients, which contains the building’s deficiencies and if there is any requirement about retrofitting of the building.

Swiss Approval is also able to support Customers throughout the life cycle of buildings estimation. We provide vulnerability inspection services against earthquakes, as well as objective assessments and accessibility audits in accordance with international standards and local legislation.