Buildings Risk Assessment Vulnerability Evaluation

EQ-FAST inspection and classification of buildings

Swiss Approval introduces the innovative, exclusive and patented method EQ-Fast, based on the recommendations of Euro code 8 for measuring the seismic hazard in construction by conducting measurements of fundamental natural frequencies (resonance frequencies) of both the building and its territory.

It is an internationally patented tool of non-destructive instrumental assessment concerning the seismic risk of constructions and it is the most reliable method used to extract realistic rates of the damage likelihood. (Germany Patent No 1182301 (EU), 552368/02 (JP) and 10/362, 649(USA)). The assessment can be performed at two different evaluation levels, depending on the customer’s choice for accuracy, reliability, available time and cost.

We are also able to support Customers throughout the life cycle of buildings estimation. We provide vulnerability inspection services against earthquakes, as well as objective assessments and accessibility audits in accordance with international standards and local legislation.

NDT scanning in Existing Structures


Our Scanning Detection Systems, are designed to find and estimate the size of “rebar” in concrete structures, and estimate the depth of concrete cover.

It’s a non-destructive way to carry out a structural inspection.

It can measure large areas and long lines of walls, which is particularly useful for scanning concrete slabs, bridges and tunnels.

You can easily see real time 2D and 3D results on the high-resolution colour tablet.

Saving of scan data and export it later to a laptop or computer for further analysis, printing reports, archiving data and integrating scan data into other CAD software applications, is also possible.


The cutting edge software used in our certified equipment, can detect reinforcing bars, pre and post tensioned tendons, metal pipes, plastic pipes, electric and glass fibre cables, cracks, voids and even wood to a depth of 300-350mm.

Key features that we use on demolition, refurbishment and engineering projects, include;

  • Non destructive radar detection system
  • Detects up to 350mm depth
  • Real time turnaround on data
  • Instant 2D and 3D presentation
  • Data transferable by memory stick
  • Scans walls, floors, columns and curved surfaces