Vehicles Inspection Services – EN ISO 17020 accredited

Effective practices in Collision Damage Claims Management, including Insurance and Safety related features of the vehicles repair, is of major importance for the Consumers, Insurance Companies, Motor Traders and Financial Institutions.

European Commission estimates that repairs represent 40% of the Total Ownership Cost of a Car.

Therefore, the monitoring of both: Business To Business [B-B] and Business To Consumer [B-C] involving Insurance Companies as well as the motor Trades, appears to be most meaningful at National / European Level.

Viable, trasparent and fair relationships among users, insurers, repairers, automobile manufacturers and other industries involved, are necessary to guarantee the quality and safety of vehicles, with immediate effect to the economics of consumers. On the other side, Initial and Periodical Vehicles Inspection and Technical Control regarding Safety and Emissions is of main importance to the general economy as it contributes to the reinforcement of Safety feeling and Trust of the Consumers especially at the Second Hand Vehicle Markets.

SWISS APPROVAL as Third Party Inspection and Certification Body, provides Accredited Services in the complete chain of Vehicle players, assuring independency and transparency of the service delivered.

Calibrated portable measurement equipment is also used during Shop Inspection Vehicles Services, to verify by specific data the objectivity of the Reporting.


Periodical Inspection of Vehicles, such as Cars, Trucks, Motos etc.., is a demand in most of the cases according to the European or National Legislation of individual Markets.

In Europe, such a demand is regulated by the Directive 2009/40/EC and its update 2010/48/EC, regarding Vehicle Inspection with the use of Mechanical Equipment .

Such an inspection concerns the good condition of vehicle operation as well as a technical control regarding the safety and emissions of the vehicle.

SWISS APPROVAL is an accredited Body for Vehicle Inspection Services, according to the Regulation IF080, and respecting legislation of different Countries and for all Types of Inspection.


The procedure and study for the Current Value Appraisal of Vehicles, is conducted according to the international standards, reflecting the present vehicle status and value of.

The Vehicle Current Value Appraisal is performed according to Regulation IF061.


Off Leasing and Post Delivery Inspection is aiming to facilitate mainly the Leasing, Rent a Car Companies and Banks in order to quantify the status and conditions at which the Vehicle is delivered prior to use, or the status upon the end of use period, when it is delivered back by the Customer.

Off Leasing & Post Delivery inspection services are offered according to the Regulation IF066


Third Party Vehicle damages and repair appraisal, is a service aiming to the Insurance or Rent a Car or Leasing Companies, aproviding the actual picture – level of the damage done during an accidentee as well as the quality level regarding the technical work that is delivered by workshops to the final Customer.

Third Party Vehicle Damages and Repairs performed according to the Regulation IF075


Mystery Shopping for Vehicles Repair and Maintenance is a service aiming to the assessment of service quality being delivered by the Work Shop networks, in order to assure Final Customer interests and the technical quality level established by the Network Brand.

Vehicle repairs and maintenance Mystery Shopping is executed according to the Regulation IF085


Once everything has been agreed between the involved Parties, the Vehicle has to be repaired and released back to the circulation in excellent condition regarding its operation, safety and emissions.

The Work Shop has to execute the technical work with professionalism and according to the Vehicle standard operational procedures.

SWISS APPROVAL has the expertise to evaluate the quality level of repair and maintenance, assuring all involved Parties regarding the Good Status of all planned actions.

Third Party Vehicle repairs and maintenance, verification and evaluation is executed according to the Regulation IF090.


Insurance Companies ask for expertise in order to clarify conditions and accident elements or regarding the Vehicle Status before or after any major or ordinary repair.

Expertise studies are executed according to the Regulation IF057.