Advanced Non Destructive Testing Laboratory
Guided UT in Hellenic Petroleum  [HELPE] Thessaloniki / Greece

Long Range UT inspection with longitudinal & torsional waves

Swiss Approval Advanced NDT laboratory, through Swiss Approval Technische Bewertung / GR personnel and Swiss Approval NDT / UK, undertake the Inspection of pipelines, starting from 08 inches, to 16 inches pipes, on behalf of Hellenic Petroleum, in Thessaloniki / Kalochori installation.

The project took place on March 2019, and the expert UK staff of inspectors and operators, evaluated the piping system of the client, with Long range UT application, identifying the areas for further inspection.

Consequently, our local personnel, performed Creeping Waves inspection, in order to further evaluate the piping system, and give a detailed picture of the situation to the Customer.

The inspection took place for 5 days, and performed by 4 qualified Inspectors from UK and Greece.

  • 25 - 29 March 2019
  • Long range UT & Creeping Waves Inspection
  • Hellenic Petroleum Refinery / Thessaloniki - Greece