Company Management

SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION BODY, is an accredited Company which operates Internationally in the fields of Industrial Inspection and Certification.

The SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL Inspection and Certification Body has 3 levels of Management:

  • The Institutional Board, which is acting on behalf of the Company under the Confederation Helvetica Laws and Financial Institutions.
  • The Governing Board, which is acting on behalf of the Company on the Operations and Processes, the Development of New Markets, the Technical Competence of inspection and Audits, as well as the overall monitoring on operational, structural and technical level, regarding the International Market.
  • The Accreditation Board is acting on behalf of the Company, ensuring the Impartiality, Transparency and Non Conflict of Interest between stakeholders. It consists mainly of Market Representatives, Academic Society Representatives, Consumers Associations, etc.. Accreditation Board Composition varies depending on the type of accreditation, which is called to support, by its specialisation and knowledge.

Activity Fields

Our organization provides Inspection & Certification services in the following main categories:

Management systems certification – ISO 17021 accredited

  • ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000, ISO 27000, ISO 50001, OHSAS

Product safety

  • CE Marking
  • Testing & Laboratory Services

Personnel Certification – ISO 17024 accreditation

  • QA/QC Management Personnel Certification
  • Certification of Welding Related Personnel
  • Tourism and Hospitality related Personnel Certification

Services & Processes Conformity Assessment – ISO 17065 

  • «Blue Service» evaluation and certification for Hospitality Services towards guests safety
  • «Blue Service for Excellence», evaluation and certification for Hospitality Services regarding health and medical tourists’ services
  • Classification of Hotels in Stars, against quality of services requirements’ sets

Third Party Inspection, Monitoring and Approval – ISO 17020 accredited

  • Field and Shop inspection, Welding Inspection, Lifts and Lifting machinery Inspection, Goods and Cargo inspection, Protection and Prevention in working environments, Construction activities quality control, EQ-FAST inspection and classification of buildings, Appraisals and Life cycle estimation for machinery and parts, Trailers Approval and Certification, Mystery Guest and Shopping

Notification Body Services (NoBo) – European Directives recognized Body

  • Lifts European Directive 95/16
  • Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23
  • Simple Pressure Vessels European Directive[/historic]


The Group holds significant Accreditations and Notifications, as presented and verified through the list of European Commission: NANDO (

In addition to the above Notifications, the Group is accredited by Accreditation Systems’ official member of IAF and MLA:

- For Management Systems certification services in accordance to ISO 17021 Standard

- According to ISO 17020 Standard, as an approved Inspection Body type (A) in various inspection fields such as, inspection of Lifting machines, Cranes, Shop inspection, Field inspection, Welders qualification and certification, inspection of Trailers, etc.

Swiss Approval International, furthermore, provides services as an Accredited Notified Body in New Approach Directives’ implementation (obligatory sector), with notification number 2221, in specific, for the following European Community Directives:

  • Pressure Equipment, directive 97/23/EC
  • Simple pressure vessels, directive 2009/105/EC
  • Elevators, directive 95/16/EC

Swiss Approval International is also a Recognized Agency as an Approved Inspection Body, type (A) in the fields:

  • Periodic inspection of pressure vessels over 450 liters and containers LPG, GG 14165/F. 17.4/373, 673/B/1993, GG 447/B/1993.
  • Initial inspection (Type AA) and periodic inspection of lifting equipment (Type A and Type B) GG 15085/593 (GG 1186/25.08.2003).
  • Initial and periodic monitoring boiler Gov. 2656/B/2012.
  • Initial and periodic testing for Metal construction, pipe-piping welds, welding (ASME codes, EN- DIN- API standards).[/historic]

New Approach Directives

The Company is also activated in the following European Directives through an accredited network of affiliated Laboratories and Notified Bodies:

  • 2006/42/EC Machinery (MD)
  • 2006/95/EC Low voltage directive (LVD)
  • 2011/305/EU Construction products
  • 92/42/EEC Hot water boilers fired with liquid or gaseous fuels
  • 94/9/EC Equipment for explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
  • 88/378/EEC 2009/48/EC Safety of toys
  • 89/686/EEC Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • 90/385/EEC Active implantable medical devices
  • 93/42/EEC Medical devices (MDD)
  • 98/79/EC In vitro diagnostic medical devices
  • 99/5/EC Radio and telecommunications terminal equipment
  • 2004/108/EC Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)