Laboratory for Living Room and Dining Room furniture’s

Product Categories applied: Living room and dining room furniture’s such as chairs and sofas

  • Furniture – domestic seating
  • Furniture – Tables
  • Furniture – Operating mechanisms for seating and sofa-beds   
  • Glass in furniture
  • Foaming materials
Furniture – domestic seating – Strength, durability and safety: EN 12520
Furniture – Tables – determination of stability, strength and durability: EN 1730
Furniture – Operating mechanisms for seating and sofa-beds. Determination of the durability of hand and power operated reclining mechanisms for adult seating: EN 14749
Glass in furniture: EN 14749
Foaming materials. Assessment of the ignitability of upholstered furniture – Part 1: Ignition source smouldering cigarette  –  Part 2: Ignition source match flame equivalent: EN 1021-1&2