Laboratory for Medical / Hospital Furniture’s & Laboratories Furnishings

Product Categories applied: Medical – hospital Furniture’s & laboratories furnishings

  • Workbenches for laboratories
  • Storage units for laboratories  
  • Castors and wheels – Hospital Bed Castors 
Workbenches for laboratories – Dimensions, safety requirements stability, strength and durability Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control, and laboratory use: EN 13150:2001  included  EN 12600:2002,EN 1730,EN 61010-1,ISO 2813,ISO 48
Storage units for laboratories   – strength, durability and safety requirements: EN 14727 included  EN 131-2,EN 14749:2005,ISO 7619-2
Castors and wheels – Hospital Bed Castors  – swivel castors for hospital beds with a wheel diameter of 100 mm or more, which have a central locking device: EN 12531  included EN 12526,EN 12527,EN 12530,ISO 7619