BS/DIN/SN EN 15224 – Health Care Quality Management Systems

BS/DIN/SN EN 15224, Establishing confidence and trust in your Healthcare Facility

Health care sector is a multidimensional and complicated segment, strictly regulated, based on international and local norms as well as operational frames, and, consequently, its compliance to these relevant pre-requisites should be always adequately proven as valid.

According to the Euro barometer and WHO 2014 Facts, 20‐40% of health expenditure is wasted due to poor quality in care.Despite technological advances in healthcare, well-informed ‘consumers’ of healthcare services (patients, health insurances, corporate byers), are rather skeptical and lack of confidence in healthcare services, unless a  ‘seal of quality’ is identified and awarded to the healthcare facility.

The Quality Management System BS/DIN/SN EN 15224 is the specified standard for healthcare facilities in order to sufficienty meet the special needs of healthcare services (hospitals, clinics, inpatients and outpatient facilities, diagnostic centers) and specialized units such as IVF, dental facilities, rehabilitation centers, post-treatment facilities, etc.

Swiss Approval International healthcare quality experts based on international experience developed a guideline of standard analysis and implementation, by integrating specific considerations and international best practice, based on the principles below:

  • Healthcare quality is based on patient-centered care perceptions and it correlates to the provision of appropriate care to the right patient at the right time.
  • Reliability in healthcare services can be satisfied by the application of risk management procedures, the implementation of clinical management and patients’ safety protocols’ as well as by performance evaluation and quality improvement mechanisms.

Within the setting of BS/DIN/SN EN 15224 certificationpatient safety is undertaken as a prime goal to be accomplished by the modern healthcare systems and, therefore, a strong safety culture is essential to be established in business orientation and strategy.

Swiss Approval certification according to BS/DIN/SN EN 15224 is the leading way to:

  • Effectively managing healthcare enterprise’ and patients’ risks
  • Applying quality control procedures within the healthcare setting
  • Evaluating clinical effectiveness
  • Adequate and up – to date staff training
  • Continuously improving clinical performance

Swiss Approval International with its international auditors’ team guarantees its competency to guide healthcare providers to an effective and appropriate adjustment to BS/DIN/SN EN 15224 standard criteria, ensuring feasibility and continuous improvement, maximising benefit in terms of safety and quality assurance in the healthcare services’ settings.