Aesthetic Medicine Services & Wellness / Non Surgical Medical Procedures

SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL provides a set of Certification Services, which are deemed to be essential for the provision of aesthetic medicine services and non-surgical medical procedures.

ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) has indicated during its board meeting held in Rome (11/2014), based on the daily clinical statistics and as any professional in the aesthetic medicine sector, from around the world would admit, the number of non-surgical treatments is rapidly increasing.

Consequently, the European Standardization and Regulatory authorities over the last 2 years have prioritized the development of standards in surgical and mainly in non- surgical medical aesthetic interventions.

Attention is drawn to the fact that in certain Countries specific National regulations apply and take precedence over existing European Standards but still, in most of the countries, worldwide, there is no standards’ framework applicable for such services.

The Bibliography provides a list of European and International Standards and other documents of general interest for wellness and aesthetic medicine services. Furthermore, recommendations for other aspects of good practice are provided.

Among these, emphasis is placed on defining requirements for the quality of the aesthetic medicine services offered in order to ensure patient safety. Other factors which influence the overall quality of the service includes:

–       Qualifications and professional competencies,

–       Staff behavior,

–       Facility design,

–       Choice of products and suppliers.

SWISS APPROVAL is designed to bring the following advantages to those that decide to be certified:

–       Improvement in medicine services which can enhance patient safety and reduce the risk of complications.

–       Promote consistently high standards for aesthetic medicine service providers worldwide

–       Enhance patient satisfaction.

Requirements for a quality management system based on EN ISO 9001:2008 for health care services are provided in EN 15224, for which SWISS APPROVAL is offering Accredited Certification Services.

As wellness and aesthetic medicine services we define services related to non-surgical procedures where the primary aim is the change, the restoration or improvementof the appearance, the function and well-being at the request of an individual with medical treatments,including the prevention and treatment of all kind of aesthetic concern, aging process, as well as the promotionof health.

SWISS APPROVAL is also providing an evaluation and certification module for tattooing and related processes, which can be legally performed by non-physicians (e.g. tattooist, beauty therapists).