H&W CERT for Mass Catering & Restaurants
Reforming the Food Industry in COVID19 Social and Business Environment

The innovative framework of Swiss Approval H&W CERT, appoints a new Responsible, the so-called Food Business Operator or H&W Manager, dealing directly with the Attendees and Diners safety, in every restaurant or catering facility.

A new kind of activities will be incorporated on a permanent basis, in the daily operation of the catering and restaurants area.

This may implies increase of operational costs, but at the same time it will increase significantly the feeling of safety and security by Attendees and Diners.

Increase of costs is rather related to the following factors:

  • Sanitary Disinfection, additionally to conventional disinfection.
  • Use of personal protective equipment for employees, staff, attendees and Diners.
  • Guarantee a maximum capacity, not exceeding 80%. Maximum capacity of Attendees and Diners could be also defined by local Authorities.
  • Invest in Facilities and specific Human resources employment as well as in Training.

The scope of Swiss Approval «H&W» Scheme of Qualification Criteria Conformity Assessment is to assure the desired level of Attendees and Diners safety in the context of:

  • Hazard Critical Control Point principles or requirements
  • White Process regarding Communicable diseases awareness and prevention

The above are related, to any «Catering Enterprise» delivering services’ to their Attendees and Diners, defined under the general term: «H&W CERTIFICATION».

Certified «Enterprises», according to «H&W» Framework, are registered to the related database of SWISS APPROVAL INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION AND CERTIFICATION BODY, gaining a unique code for the identification and verification validity of the relevant conformity certificate.

The «Catering Enterprise» under the perspective of «H&W» qualification and certification criteria, does not undertake responsibilities related to medical services and does not subsidize the role of any medical care provider, but is aiming to assure effective implementation of health and safety measures, for all Attendees and Diners and Staff.

The «Certification Body» has absolutely no responsibility for the transmission of infectious diseases to certified companies staff and clients, as it investigates and assesses compliance with the requirements at the time of audit, exclusively with regard to precautionary measures in accordance with the instructions of the competent national or international authorities.