IRIS/RFT/NFT/NFA Heat Exchanges Tubes Inspection

Eddy Current Array (ECA) System, Using ECT/ ECA/ TECA/ RFT/ NFT/ NFA/ MFL and IRIS UT Inspection Technology.

Swiss Approval Advanced NDT company, based in UK, is using leading multi-technology instruments, for surface and tubing applications, in order to be achieved the most versatile, reliable, and powerful Eddy Current (EC) platform solutions in the market.

Our Eddy Current Array (ECA) Systems, are designed to perform critical surface inspections. Its fast and easy deployment, better PoD, length and depth sizing capabilities, data recording capacity, and consistent results, replacing totally PT and MT.

Designed specifically for Air Conditioning (AC) and tubing inspections for Heat Exhangers, our systems are state of the art of the International Market, related to such inspection capabilities. Our ECA inspection System, is definitely superior to radiography/stripping, because it does not require access to both sides or surface preparation, and has no health hazards, making it much more cost efficient.

Swiss Approval Eddy Current Array (ECA) Systems, greatly contributes to making quality inspections easier than ever before, with any technology combination, like: ECT, ECA, TECA, RFT, NFT, NFA, MFL, or IRIS.

The maximum Eddy Current Technology (ECT) working frequency of our Systems, is of 10 MHz, which offers more flexibility and better performance in a variety of tubing and surface applications.

Motor drive for Rotating Pancake Coil (RPC) probes, are also available. Driving motorized rotating pancake coil (RPC) probes is currently possible, thanks to its powerful built-in motor drive. This is useful in applications where RPC probes are used to find contemporary longitudinal and circumferential cracks.


The full inspection process is registered in an appropriate Software, and specific reports / tube number and position, are elaborated and delivered upon request, to the Customer.

Calibration Blocks

Swiss Approval holds specific calibration blocks, which are used in our Laboratory of Advanced NDT for calibration of specific NFA / NFT / RFT and IRIS probes. 

Accreditation ISO 17025

Swiss Approval Advanced Laboratory based in Europe, is currently under ISO 17025 accreditation process.