Magnetic Flux Leakage, Storage Tank, Heat Exchangers

Swiss Approval Advanced NDT based in UK, manage MFL Inspection Services in a wide range of geographical areas, using state-of-the art equipment, for Storage Tank Bottoms, Heat Exchangers, Pipelines & Vessels.  for Storage Tank Bottoms, Heat Exchangers, Pipelines & Vessels.

Utilising a variety of MFL gears, it is allowing the quick scanning of tank bottoms.

Annular ring inspection, is also possible using miniature MFL hand scanners, allowing approaching the shell to bottom weld.

Furthermore, a variety of MFL hand scanners is available for the quick scanning of all diameter pipelines including furnace tubes, a method really fast and particularly effective when combined with Phased Arrays.

Our Advanced NDT Laboratory operations, are conformed with ISO 17025 requirements.