ISO 22301 Business Continuity

Continuous organization is a primary requirement.

ISO 22301 is designed to operate during the most demanding and unexpected conditions. Many organizations require, for various reasons, “continuous” operations after a disruption within a specified time frame.

ISO 22301 is designed to keep the organization working during the most demanding and unexpected conditions. By helping an organization to establish the basic principles of a Business Continuity Management System (BCM), it protects personnel, maintains reputation and provides the ability for the organization to continue to operate and trade. The continued operation of an organization, in the event of an interruption either due to a serious disaster or due to an incident, is a primary requirement. made the British Standard BS 25999 the world’s first BCM standard, designed and developed to minimize the risks of disruptions that may affect the functioning of the entire organization. It provides the basis for the development and implementation of business continuity in an organization and promotes trust in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) transactions). It also contains a full range of BCM-based controls and covers the entire lifecycle of a BCM.ISO 22301 is suitable for all organizations, small or large and from any workplace. It is particularly suitable for organizations operating in high-risk environments such as financial institutions, telecommunications, transportation and the public sector, where the ability to provide ongoing operations is necessary not only for the organization but also for customers and any stakeholders.

Benefits of ISO 22301

  • Building a “resilience” system that focuses on the health and safety of employees as well as preserving the organization’s reputation and assets.
  • Ensuring Business Continuity and operation of the organization for the smooth provision of services to its customers, after its closure.
  • Recognition of critical organizational operational activities and the impact of their possible disruption to mitigate the impact in the event of an unexpected event.
  • Increase the organization’s competitive advantage and enhance corporate reputation.
  • Receive an objective, independent and experienced opinion on the adequacy and compliance of the system.
  • Objective evidence of the organization’s commitment to the management of Business Continuity, through the certificate.
  • ISO 22301 certificate has international recognition and validity.